Sunday, September 16, 2007

Plant Stories and Info

The birch tree (left on mound) was planted about 15 years ago. It was chosen because it is a Japanese Whitespire Birch and is most resistant to disease of the birches. Birches are known for their beauty, tall, graceful, beautiful white trunk, good fall color. It was bought for $60 from BBG as it was a display plant in the conservatory for an early spring event. It took four people to carry it into the garden. It was planted by Tim Smith and his brother Geoff with Ellen dircting. They sang old Canadian camp songs while they planted it. It was dedicated after it was planted in a Sunday worship service. Lucy Jones had the idea we should have a birch there. It has thrived in the garden. PS Ellen got a parking ticket while it was planted and tried to convince the policeman that planting a tree was worth voiding a ticket. No dice.

Other plant stories? Post if you will. Ellen

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Nancy C. said...

Terrific story, thanks Ellen!

I have some photos from the day the birch tree was planted (it was raining, if I recall correctly); if I ever manage to locate them, perhaps we could scan them and post them here.

That tree is a real gift -- such extraordinary grace and beauty. In many ways I think it has become the 'center of gravity' of the garden.

Resources (Books and such) List

  • Community Gardening Guidebook, Brooklyn Botanic Garden,
  • The End of Nature by Bill McKibben