Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Yew

In the past couple of weeks I've noticed lots of lovely red berries on the yew. Is this a new phenomenon? Or is it just that I never noticed them before? I absolutely love the look of berries in autumn and winter, and would like to find some additional berry-producing plants/shrubs for our garden. Any ideas?
Nancy C.


PSUMC Schaef Earth Garden said...


Where are they in the PSUMC garden?

There are quite a few places in the garden where we have berries. Most should be coming out in the fall. They are actually the seeds of the plant. The ones that come to mind are the pyrecantha (orange), the yew (dark red), and the holly (red). The crabapple tree has little crabapples. These are fruits although they look like berries. Birds love these berries and will gradually eat them all by the spring. Do you remember any other plants with berries? Oh the crape myrtle has something but I'm not sure if they would be called berries. This is a good questions for a botanist.


PSUMC Schaef Earth Garden said...

The berries have always been there but the birds sometimes strip them so that people miss them. A great plant for berries is the Ilex Verticulata which is a deciduous plant that leaves its berries in the winter. Native plant. Y0u have to have at least one male ('Southern Gentleman' is a good one) for up to five females. You have to have male and female to get the berries. It's in the photo I posted for winter at BBG last year. Ellen Kirby

Resources (Books and such) List

  • Community Gardening Guidebook, Brooklyn Botanic Garden,
  • The End of Nature by Bill McKibben