Saturday, April 12, 2008

April Garden Work Day!

Lots of lovely bulbs are coming up in the Schaef Earth Garden: crocuses beneath the birch tree, daffodils in the tree pits and along the Sixth Avenue fence, peacock tulips in the whiskey barrels, hyacinths, and many, many others. The forsythia is blooming, the weeping crabapple is budding, and everything else is poised and ready to sing.

Today, Lisa did a tremendous amount of pruning, raking and other clean-up (Lisa, it looked like you filled at least 6 trash bags! Wow!); Nancy W. worked studiously in her tree pits, tending the soil and planting deep purple pansies; and Beverly, Nancy C. & Susan J. planted pansies, violas and primroses here, there and everywhere.

A beautiful day in our peaceful garden! We're excited about how splendid it will look by April 27th -- Earth Sunday.

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