Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hi Gardeners

Hey all,

This past Sunday I managed to get to the garden. I saw Susan there. I chucked that rotting Xmas wreath that was flung under a tree. I also repaired the little picket fence that had been broken in many places. It was great to do some work there and the garden was looking soooooo beautiful!!! Wow. Especially those barrels with all that colorful gorgeousness. When are the next work days? Or when one of you plans to go over for a while, maybe you can let me know so I can work, too. I don't have a key as of yet, though it's just a matter of meeting up with Nancy at some point. You can call me at 718 633 0059. Happy Summer!

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Resources (Books and such) List

  • Community Gardening Guidebook, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, www.bbg.org
  • The End of Nature by Bill McKibben